Turn Hearts this Father’s Day

Get face-to-face with your family’s history

Kindex—the RootsTech 2017 Innovator Showdown People’s Choice Award Winner—is excited to announce an amazing deal to celebrate Father’s Day. Get face-to-face with your family’s history and discover the heart-changing power of a Kindex Archive for only $99!

Invite your children to transcribe your grandfather’s journal. Read your grandmother’s letters written in her own beautiful script. See the old photos you have long forgotten. And search every word of it, together.

From June 8–18 only, a one-year subscription to an Unlimited + Collaborative Archive is just $99—over half off the regular price of $200! With unlimited record storage, built-in transcription tools and great collaborative features, your dream of a complete, searchable family archive can take a huge leap forward when you sign up today.



Kindex brings digital archive and indexing tools within reach to any person, family or group who owns records. With a Kindex Unlimited + Collaborative Archive, you can:

  • Add unlimited records
  • Invite unlimited people to join your archive (they pay nothing!)
  • Transcribe your family’s letters, journals, and other records so they become fully searchable and accessible
  • Unite scattered records into a single archive
  • Transform your manuscript collections into a crowdsourced transcription project



  • Great for individuals, families, family organizations, and societies
  • Unite family records that are scattered among different homes
  • Invite unlimited collaborators to add, index, and discover records (they pay nothing!)
  • Create full text searchability with built-in metadata, transcription, and tag tools.
  • Access and download your archive data anytime


  • Custom archive URL
  • Unlimited records
  • Private or public archive option
  • Batch record uploads
  • Batch record metadata editing
  • Three levels of searchable data: metadata, transcription, and tags
  • Built-in transcription interface
  • FamilySearch Certified


Check out what families are doing now on Kindex:

Dorothy Smith & Ellsworth Clark Archive features the collected papers of Dorothy Smith and Ellsworth Clark, grandparents of Kindex owners Kimball Clark and Cathy Gilmore.

Kroff Family Archive features the fishing and hunting notebooks of Verl William Kroff. Kept from the 1940’s to the 1990’s, these notebooks detail the adventures of Verl Kroff fishing and hunting in Utah and Idaho. The Kroff family has made this archive available for public crowdsourced transcription.

Kindex “Lost & Found” Archive is a public, collaborative archive for anyone who wants to gather, index, or search records that are unattached to a family archive.

Learn more

We want to rescue family records. 10 ways Kindex can help.

Who Deserves an Archive?


Offer applies to both new and existing Kindex users who have not upgraded their archives. $99 pricing applies to one-year subscriptions only.  Offer begins on June 8th and ends at midnight MST June 19th.

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