Be a family history hero for less than $10/month

For less than the cost of a few sodas, you can be a hero to your family by rescuing records on a collaborative family archive. Gather scattered family records into a single, digital archive where your photos, journals, letters, and other documents can be entirely searchable and shareable for generations.

From now until September 18th, Kindex archive upgrades are only $9.99/month or $150 for TWO years!

  • Unite unlimited records on a single, searchable archive with your custom family URL.
  • Index letters, journals, photos, and other records using our batch metadata, transcription, and tagging tools
  • Invite unlimited people to collaborate on your archive. Collaborators can view, index, and add records–all free.
  • Choose a private archive, or “go public” and invite Kindex guests to help transcribe your records via crowdsource indexing

Choose now to be a record rescuer, and impact family’s history for generations.


Learn more:

*$9.99/month pricing good for one year. Regular monthly price is $15.00/month. Users may cancel their subscription at any time. After one year, archive owners may suspend accounts but retain access to their archive contents and data.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Does a person need to continue pay for access once all the records are loaded?


    1. Hi Rosemary. Archive owners have a couple of choices. If you are done using Kindex and no longer need any access to the data, you can cancel their account at any time. This action removes your archive from Kindex. Alternatively, you can opt to suspend your archive subscription after one year and reactivate it any any time. While your archive is suspended, you have read-only access to the archive. Depending on the size of the archive, there may be a minimal hosting fee.


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