December Software Update

New Features

We are please to announce the release of several new features designed to improve your Kindex experience.


We have added breadcrumbs to help users navigate through their archives. You will find breadcrumbs on the following pages:

1. Search Results Page

 2. Read Page

3. Indexing Page

On the indexing page, users can click on a Collection in the breadcrumb to return to that location on the main record page.

Search Result Context

When viewing search results, we’ve included more words preceding the search result match to provide more context in the search result. Prior to this change, the search result match was the first word shown.

Transcription Text Editor Tools

In our transcription tool text editor, we’ve expanded tools available to include the following:

  • Indent
  • Outdent
  • Bullets
  • Numbering
  • Alignment
  • Link
  • Code view

Spreadsheet to Table Conversion

We’ve added a plug-in to our transcription text editor to support the converstion of spreadsheets to tables within the text editor. When a user copies data from a spreadsheet outside of Kindex, and pastes it within the Kindex transcription text editor, the spreadsheet will convert to a table in Kindex. This feature supports both Google Sheets and Excel.




Bug Fixes & Upgrades

Kindex Rewards

There have been a few instances of Kindex Archive owners not receiving their $5 credit. We have made adjustments in our tracking and rewards code that have rectified this issue. Please note the following:

Rewards are tracked and earned by your billing period, not calendar month. For example, if your billing period is the 15th to the 15th of the month, you (or a collaborator working in your archive) will need to complete indexing on 20 or more records between that time period to receive the credit.

If you believe your archive should have received a credit, please contact us. For more information, see Kindex Rewards.

Expanded Character Allowance for Transcription Editor

We recently migrated the mySQL object of transcription from TEXT (maximum 65,000 characters) to MEDIUM TEXT (maximum 16, 700, 000 ). This upgrade allows users to write or paste in transcriptions longer that 65,000 characters.

Additional Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented Kindexers from accessing the upgrade forms via the “Get my own archive” link
  2. Fixed a bug that caused the transcription text editor buttons to wrap and cover up the first line of the transcription field
  3. Fixed a bug that affected our FamilySearch Memory imports

Tagging Features. We will be making some enhancements to our tagging features, including person list editing and tagging. In order to implement these updates, we will be temporarily removing access to our tagging tool beginning on August 1, 2018, and restored as soon as the features are up and running.

Record Uploads. A small number of users have experienced errors when uploading large batches of records. This can occur when a user navigates away from their Kindex screen during the upload process. Users can avoid this issue by staying on the same screen during record uploads. We will advise when this bug is fixed.

How Can We Help?

Is there a feature you would like to see? Are you experiencing a bug? Do you need support or traning? Let us know how we can help!

New Kindex Archive Plans

Share & Index Publicly
Unlimited records
Unlimited Collaborators
$0/month with Kindex Rewards
Unlimited records
Unlimited collaborators
$5/month with Kindex Rewards
Get a searchable archive fast with a custom scanning & archive bundle!
Starts at
1-Year Cloud or Closet Archive
+ Scanning

Rescue Your Records

Make your records accessible and searchable with Kindex archival software. Whether you are a family, organization, or society, you can gather, index, and search your letters, journals, photos, and other documents in a private or public archive.

Earn Rewards

You deserve some credit for rescuing records! For every 20 records indexed indexing in your Kindex archive, you’ll get a $5 credit toward your next month’s subscription. That means your Kindex archive could be FREE! Learn more

Kindex Archive Features

Privacy Public Private
Searchable and accessible via search engines Yes No
Archive search Anyone Owners & Collaborators
Indexing Owners, Collaborators, and Guests
(Guests: Kindexer/Cloud/Closet account)
Owners & Collaborators
Adding records Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators
Deleting records Owners Owners
Single record downloads Owners, Collaborators, and Guests Owners & Collaborators
Public archive links to single records Yes Yes
Custom subdomain Yes
Archive size Unlimited records (JPG, PNG, PDF under 15MB)
Collaborators Unlimited
Record metadata Yes
 Batch record metadata Yes
Batch record uploads Yes
Record transcription Yes
Record tagging Yes
Crowdsourced transcription Yes
Print record to PDF Yes
Searchable transcription and metadata Yes
Support and Training Free

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