Build a searchable archive—one record at a time.

Kindex™ brings family records out of obscurity through indexing—creating a searchable, shareable archive that connects records to families and researchers. Here’s how it works:


Organize your family records by person, record type, and date. After you scan and digitize your records, add them to your Archive.
 Unite family records (multiple file types)
• Establish record provenance
• Unlimited space



Transcribe your records and invite others to help. Add tags for people, places, events, and subjects. Archive Administrators verify all indexing (transcription and tagging).
• Invite family and community to index
• Build your searchable archive
• Credit those who transcribe and tag



As Archives grow, search, read and share new family stories and records. Connect Family Archives together, and print complete, sourced archival books.
• Add tagged records to FamilySearch Memories
• Share memories on social media
• Print archive—in part or whole—to an easy-to-read PDF
• Read transcribed records within the browser
• Download original records


See our debut at RootsTech in Salt Lake City, February 3–6, 2016!
For further information on our software, products, and services, please contact us.

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