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Our Hill Cumorah

Note: this article was orginally published December 9 2015. It has been subsequently edited and updated with new photos. -Cathy Gilmore A recent article on, Reclaiming Hill Cumorah1, prompted us to share some sources related to Hill Cumorah, its monument, and...

July Software Update for Archive Owners

Here's what we've been up to this summer to improve your Kindex experience.   New Support Pages Now Available New Kindex Features Archive Deactivation. Archive owners may now deactivate their archives by downgrading to a Kindexer plan. When a user downgrades to...

Planting Pansies: A Remembrance

A remembrance of seaside days, gathering cockles in the shallow marshes of Bosham harbor. A remembrance of Ellen and the love of his youth. A remembrance of home and the flowers that bloomed there.

May Software Update for Archive Owners

    It's been a busy spring at Kindex! Here's what we've been up to.     New Help Guides Now Available         New Kindex Archive Plans This spring we officially released new archive plans for Kindex. Learn more about our new Cloud and Closet plans. Note: If you...

Time to Jump In! Announcing New Kindex Archive Plans

    Spend Less. Get More. We are excited to annouce new archive plans with pricing we think you'll love. Full-featured archival software, unlimited records and collaborators, and built-in indexing tools for less than the price of a value meal? Yes please! CLOUD PUBLIC...

Hoarder to Order Part I: Am I My Brother’s (Record) Keeper?

Kindex Co-founder Cathy Gilmore presented "Hoarder to Order: a Step-by-Step Family Record Rescue" at RootsTech 2018. This presentation examines why records are at risk, discusses obstacles to family record preservation, and gives a step-by-step overview of how...

A Day in the Life

Despite all the busyness of preparing for RootsTech, this morning I had a few quiet moments this morning thinking of our Grandma Dorothy Smith Clark. I wondered, what was she doing this week, so many years ago? I searched "Feb 27" on her Kindex archive, and found...

Solving Archival Challenges for the Mormon Battalion Association

Kindex co-founder Kimball Clark and Laura Anderson, Senior Historian at the Church History Library, will present "Crowdsourcing Your History: Collaborative Archives for Families, Groups, and Societies"  at the RootsTech Demo Theater on Thursday, March 1 at 10:20...

Solving Mysteries with Searchable Archives

Could this handwriting mystery be solved in seconds with our searchable family archive?

New Kindex Feature Release Today

We are excited to announce the release of a major update to Kindex archival software, with several new features that will make creating your searchable family archive faster and easier.  We've maximized space, improved archive organization, and...