Dorothy Smith and Ellsworth Clark Archive

For our inagural Featured Archive it is only fitting that we start with the archive of the woman who inspired us to build Kindex: our Grandma Dorothy Smith Clark.  She is, and will always be our inspiration, and continues to guide us today. Here’s what makes our grandparent’s archive so special. 


Dorothy was a prolific amateur artist who used many mediums to express her creativity. Collection includes watercolors, oils, sketches, calligraphy, and handmade cards.


While most of the poetry in this collection consists of love poems exchanged between Dorothy and Ellsworth, there are a handful of poems she wrote later in life that she gifted to her children and grandchildren.


Dorothy and Ellsworth’s collection of photos are the largest collection in the archive. Photos span the late 19th century to the 1990’s, and include such locations as Alberta, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho.


One of our favorite collections in her archive, Dorothy and Ellsworth’s letters include courtship letters, and family letters spanning over 100 years of family history. Transcribing them has been a great experience for our family.


Dorothy’s colleciton of diaries are primarily from her young adult years. These are a treasure to have, as Dorothy was not a prolific journal-keeper. It has been fun to see her editorial notes she added to these diaries later in life.

Book of Remembrance

Quite possibly the highlight of the archive, Dorothy’s Book of Remembrance is a study in multiple disciplines, including photography, art, family history, genealogy, and design. This is the first of many books she began for herself and her siblings, children, and grandchildren.

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