Do you have boxes of papers, letters, and journals and don’t know where to start? Do you want to index (transcribe and tag) your family records but the process of scanning everything seems overwhelming? Kindex offers many services that help families organize, digitize and archive their family records.

Gather Services

  • Record organization. Organize and prioritize your letters, journals, photos, and papers in preparation for scanning.
  • Scanning. Scan your letters, journals, diaries, papers, ephemera, photos, slides and negatives.
  • Audio & video digitization. Convert audio and video formats to digital.

Physical and Digital Record Preservation

  • Digital Family File Organization and backup. Organize and copy digitized records on solid state external drives and USB drives.
  • Online Storage and Collaboration. Move your family records to a Kindex Family page where digital records can be gathered, indexed, and shared with your family.
  • Physical Record Archival. Archive your letters, photos, journals, papers, ephemera, and other records in archive quality containers.

Family Record Gathering Events

  • Family Reunions
  • “Empty Nester” Nights
  • Custom on-site record scanning


Pricing is available at hourly or a-la-carte rates. Please call for a free quote or consultation.

Kimball Clark: 801-458-0282
Cathy Gilmore: 801-513-0585

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