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We created Kindex to solve the problem of inaccessible, unsearchable records. Here's how we do it.

Ready to learn how our award-winning software can fix your family record problems? Read on.


Choose a Custom Archive
To meet the needs of all families and societies, we offer two archive plans: Kindex Cloud (public archive) or Kindex Closet (private archive). Both Closet and Cloud Archives feature:

  • A custom subdomain of your choice (i.e.,
  • Unlimited records (pdf, png, jpg) up to 15 MB
  • Unlimited Collaborators (people you invite to access your archive, free)
  • Reliable hosting and backup by Amazon Web Services

Kindex Cloud archive is a publicly accessible archive, meaning anyone can to go your URL to view and search records. Similar to public trees on Ancestry, Cloud archives are ideal for families and societies who want to share record collections and crowdsource indexing projects. Kindex Closet archives are private, invite-only archives.It is only accessible and searchable to the archive owner and invited Collaborators. Closet owners may invite Collaborators to add or index records.

See the Kindex Features table below for details on the differences between our public and private archives.

Gather Unlimited Records
  • Add unlimited records (jpg, png, pdf up to 15MB each) from your computer
  • Individual or batch record uploads
  • Add batch metadata in one step when uploading records
  • Import Memories from FamilySearch



Invite Collaborators
Invite unlimited collaborators to access your archive, free to search, add, and index records. Collaborators can be family members, research partners, members of your historical or genealogical society, or simply anyone you want to provide access to your archive. With the help of collaborators you can:

  • Provide access to family records
  • Unite records scattered among various locations
  • Create a crowdsourced indexing project
  • Collaborate in research

Share Your Records
Add Data to Your Records
  • Add searchable metadata (title, description, keywords, etc.) in single records or in batches
  • Add a transcription with our built-in transcription tools
  • Add tags for people, places, and events
Search Your Records
  • Easily and quickly search every word of your archive
  • Search includes metadata and transcriptions

Share, Download, and Print your Archive

It's your archive, so we provide tools for you to share, download, print your archive records and data.

  • Download your archive data as a CSV or XLS file, or download your archive records as a ZIP file
  • Print individual transcriptions as QR-Coded PDFs
  • View record totals and indexing stats
  • Create a publicly-viewable source link to the record and its transcription.

    • Share the link on social media or email
    • Use the page as a source for your family tree


Get Support

We are committed to helping our archive owners be successful in creating their searchable archive. Free customer support and training is available for all archive owners. Use the contact form on this site to set up an appointment.

Organize Your Archive
Archive owners can create Collections and Sub-Collections to organize their records however you wish. Collections are ordered alphabetically. You can organize your archive by date, family name, record type, or any other way you wish.


Kindex Archive Features

Privacy Public Private
Searchable and accessible via search engines Yes No
Archive search Anyone Owners & Collaborators
Indexing Owners, Collaborators, and Guests
(Guests: Kindexer/Cloud/Closet account)
Owners & Collaborators
Adding records Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators
Deleting records Owners Owners
Single record downloads Owners, Collaborators, and Guests Owners & Collaborators
Public archive links to single records Yes Yes
Custom subdomain Yes
Archive size Unlimited records (JPG, PNG, PDF under 15MB)
Collaborators Unlimited
Record metadata Yes
 Batch record metadata Yes
Batch record uploads Yes
Record transcription Yes
Record tagging Yes
Crowdsourced transcription Yes
Print record to PDF Yes
Searchable transcription and metadata Yes
Support and Training Free
Share & Index Publicly
Unlimited records
Unlimited Collaborators
$0/month with Kindex Rewards
Unlimited records
Unlimited collaborators
$5/month with Kindex Rewards
Get a searchable archive fast with a custom scanning & archive bundle!
Starts at


1-Year Cloud or Closet Archive
+ Scanning
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