How to Collaborate

What's a Collaborator?

People you invite to join your archive are called Collaborators. An archive owner may invite unlimited collaborators. Collaborating is a great way to crowdsource record gathering and indexing.

Collaborators may:

  • View, search, and read records
  • Add information to records, such as a description, transcription, or comments
  • Add records to the archive

Collaborators may not:

  • Delete records
  • Move, edit, or delete Collections
  • Change Record Info (metadata initially added to records)
How to Collaborate


  1. To invite others to become a Collaborator on your archive, log in to your Kindex archive and click the Manage Archive cog in the upper right corner.
  2. Click to the Collaborate tab, and add the emails of those you want to invite as collaborators. Click “Invite”.
  3. The person invited to collaborate will receive an email invitation to collaborate. To accept the invite, click “Accept Invitation”.
  4.  To complete the Collaborator invite process, the invited person invited will go to a page to log in and access the archive. If they don’t yet have a Kindex account, they click Signup to create a new account.
  5. If you are already logged in, you will be directed to a page where you click Accept Invitation to access the archive
    Important: Please be sure you are logged in as the user that was invited to collaborate. If not, click the logout link to login as the correct user.
  6. Once the user is signed up or logged in, the Collaborator will be directed to the archive.

Collaborator FAQ
  1. I can’t find my invitation to collaborate email.
    If a person can’t find invitation to collaborate email, be sure to first check their spam or junk folders for the email. Invites may be re-sent by removing the email from the Collaborator list in the Collaborate Tab in Manage Archives. Add the email again and click the Invite button.
  2. How can I remove a person’s access to my archive?
    To remove a Collaborator’s access to your archive, click on the “garbage can” icon next to their email.
  3. Where is the archive I was invited to?
    If you are a Collaborator, you will be directed to the archive you were invited to after logging in. To access other archives you’ve been invited to collaborate, click Archives and choose another archive.
  4. How do I know when a user accepts my invite to collaborate?
    When a user accepts your invitation to collaborate, their email changes from gray to green in the Collaborator list found in the Collaborator tab of the Manage Archives tool.