Georgetown, Idaho
7:45 AM. Thursday,

Dear Dorothy,

Even though I sit here listening to the same radio program that you are able to hear in Salt Lake, it seems as though I am a very long distance aways away from you. After I left you about 3:40 a.m. I went back to the Apt. and found Heldon up and about half dressed. I spent a few minutes getting ready to leave and then was just going to rest for a few minutes when the party arrived. We left the “old home” at 4:25 a.m., traveled as far as Soda Spring Idaho by 10:30 a.m. Here we stopped and prepared a breakfast and then after eating traveled the remaining 18 miles to Georgetown. Here I left by things and we traveled on to Paris to see Weldon House. I say my Grandmother Shepherd at Paris also, and then Arvid & LaRue, Evelyn & Myself returned to Georgetown. I went Home and they started their visit with their folks.

It seems very good to see two sisters (Iris & June) and my brother (Gordon). However, one of my first surprises of my visit here was to find out that I was married. Nobody seems to know who to, but according to the Postmaster’s 13 year Old Girl they have seen letters addressed to a Mrs. E. Clark. News to Me! I wonder how many children I have and who the unfortunate woman is. OH! for the “dear old Town” and its interest in anything which is a little off the line of ; Price of Potatoes, School elections and the next public dance.

I am not so sure that I can get work at once., The whole town is now unemployed and I will have to do some real talking to get anykind of job, it seems. Well, I will try my best and hope for the best. I surely wish you were here to pass away a few of my dull hours. For it seems that many are going to be that way. My friend Teacher (Lewis Munk [sp]) from Snowflake Ariz. is here and I suppose I will be able to spend a few happy fishing hours with him.

So much for my own “crepe hanging” how is the Dearest Dorothy Smith who ever lived. How did you fare after I left you? Did LaRue & family get off for Canada? OH! there are a hundred questions I could ask most of them about yourself. I seems funny to have to Write what I feel. However, the best things come hard, and even I now wonder how hard it is going to be to get along without your company. I even noticed ^ (on the way home) that the best things are covered with a protective mechanism. The most beautiful rose has the largest thorns, the most delicate of cactus blooms have long stiff spires. Somehow, however, when we attain that which is hard we appreciate it more. If I have that friendship and intimate companionship with you that I hope I have, it is because I see that is worth so much for me that I must not do anything that will mar it in any way. I see that perhaps I have, in a sense done that, but if in any way I can recompense for it I certainly will. In true repentance we are certainly forgiven. I know you well enough to believe that you are the kind that will see it that way.

(now am I getting to serious)

It seems that my writing is getting slanted towards one corner. My artistic ability is simply abominable (? Spelling).

— Interrupted—

8:45 AM

The mail goes out in about one hour as I will try to finish this and get it as you will get the letter Saturday afternoon. I wish you could get before then and then I could get an answer sooner.

I had quite a talk with Evelyn last night. I see that she understands how I feel, and I’m very glad. She seems to know how I feel, but is not very sympathetic of course I’m glad about that too. She and her sister and brother and in-law are coming

Well, now if I were a poet I would write a beautiful poem but seeing I’m just a common scrub I guess I’ll just have to say good morning to you and hope it is near morning when you get the letter. Of it is afternoon just play it is morning. I wish I could broadcast a little of the music from outside the house. The birds are singing and everything seems clear and beautiful after the shower we had last night.

auf Weider Sehen

“Aufwieder sehn Mein Leib”

you know the song

Ich werde das der wer hein [sp]