[Today is Ellsworth’s birthday! Read the newsy letter his fiancé wrote to him, and why she turned down Torleif Knaphus’s invite to the Beaux Arts Ball. -Cathy Gilmore]

2368 Highland Dr
S.L.C Utah
Jan 245/34

Good Morning Merry Sunshine!

How do you feel today? A beautiful, coral-streaked opal sky heralds the dawn of your Birthday Anniversary. The cool, crisp air promises continued winter for us.

Yesterday morning we rose to see the world blanketed in the heaviest snow of the season. The trees—a varied collection of weeping willows bowed reluctantly under their heavy burden, wires were rope-like in appearance and the general appearance was as tho a fairy had touched the landscape with her magic wand strewing the skyline with a lacy network of white branches.

Today enough snow remains on the trees to disguise them as cotton plants—what a frivolous climate.

I’m hoping your birthday joys were complete. Am sending my present today along with one from Knaphus. Eleven in all. You can buy a car with it if you like or a radio or a train ticket for a weekend in S.L.C.

I will be celebrating tonight by doing some sealings in Temple tonight as it is also Grandma Bushman’s birth anniversary & a group of us are going including Vera. Tomorrow night I am helping put over a pageant depicting N.D.A. growth and Saturday Olive & I & June & 3 other of the Knaphuses are doing some baptismal work.

Vera and I had to postpone our missionary meeting but hope to get started next week.

What did you think of the proposition we had to offer. Don’t drop it from your mind without due consideration will you?

Do you hear from Lewis? You know I was just thinking the coincidence it was that you and he should both get Arizona girls. Come to think of it she may even be a relation  – everyone else around there is. Now I have it! If she lives around Taylor she must be related to Vera for Vera was born there & it’s the home of he[r] Father’s folks. Ha! who said we weren’t a smart bunch. Tying a not [sic] right around the 3 couples of us. And Gene Murphy is related to some Smiths in S.L. I’ve got to look that up.

Now for my diary incidentally it is sadly neglected.

Stayed with Vera Sun. night. Monday night skipped school & sent to dinner at Eight with Torleif and Olive. Honestly honey. I was too tired to study  he had been wanting one to chum more with Olive so I felt rather obliged. Please forgive?

Tuesday night I attended a Stake Mutual party on Stratford Ave. with Oliver.

It was a grand affair & the most fun I’ve had in ages.

Tomorrow night (Fri) Don & Oliver have dates from for Granite Gold & Green Ball.

Knaphus has his car back & says it is at my service. Would I like to have a week end off? Better watch for me hiding under one of the seats in your Sunday School.

Rec’d letters the other day from Marv & one of his old girlfriends simultaneously. Marv’s enjoying life, what with a dance now & then & now & then a new good-looking ‘frill!

Virgil is well now & is back into mischief again.

Connie is still undecided. I have a 50¢ order from her to make a Valentine for John. Didn’t think I’d be making them for other men did you? This coming Sat. the Art Barn sponsors are staging their first annual Beaux Arts Ball — a grand costume affair.

Last night T.S.K. called for me at school and asked if I would care to go. Didn’t say definitely but a ‘couple’ is a ‘couple’ and I’d rather ensure my social standing than my artistic one so I’m waiting till I get a personal invitation from the committee at which time (if ever) you will be the other party. How’s that?

It’s lunch hour now. We’re certainly busy at Kress. S.H. arrives Mon Tues the 30th!

Burbidge tells me his son, Smith leaves Feb. 22 for Western States mission. He may even be your companion. Watch for him.

Edna Remington (office girl) says her sweetheart ‘Wid’ Davidson presided over that branch about 2 yrs ago & that he organized the original basketball team there.

I still see Aunt Annie Folsom upstairs now & then. She sends her best wishes to you & always asks about you. She tries to check up on my behavior & says I look better than at Xmas time.

I saw Helen, Iris & your mother for awhile yesterday.

Time’s up See you tonight under that big bright moon. Where’s that birthday kiss? Here’s mine “X” [stylized “x”]



Figure this out & don’t ask me. [underneath looped lines leading up to her name]


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