To commemorate Dorothy Smith Clark’s birthday on 26 April 1911, here is a transcription of a letter to her fiancé Ellsworth M. Clark. This letter shows her playful personality and hints at the number of suitors Dorothy had. Letter from the Dorothy Smith Clark Archive. -CG

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947 Crandall Ave
S.L.C. Utah
April 24/34


It seems like I’ll never get a decent-sized letter off to you unless I take a special vacation for the purpose. It’s always a rush & a bang & I never have time to think what I write.

When that picture of you from arr’d yesterday it was so natural of you that it seemed you were right here by me again & has seemed so ever since.

At times it seems ages since you left & all our past looks more like a fairy tale & I wonder if you actually are real & alive. Then comes a picture which proves the fact that you are, and my dreams of you commence to flourish & brighten.

Just last night you were with me and I felt like a newly-crowned princess – if a princess could possibly feel so grand.

Oh – to analyze the snap – all told it’s a peach & to get technical or personal may I add this:
I prefer Elder Sadler on account of’ how he looks so jovial & alert, efficient yet humble. Elder Watson – a little hay-seedy but very obliging & probably a good worker as far as his ability permits. Elder Kutter – too heavy, hair too curly – probably slightly spoiled and something of a cross between a sissie & a “tuffy” – haha!

Elder Clark – the handsomest, most efficient of them all and every inch of a man as my newest friend, a beautiful deaf girl, stated on seeing your pictures.

In other words you’re worth the other three collectively a la mode & you’re the only one I can see when  I pick up the picture.


More news: Charles wrote today that he is going to marry Mabel Easthope (Laber[sic], Alberta) this August in Cardston & will return to Calif. to live. Seems very thrilled – still hopes to save for a mission after his marriage. Hope he gets a good girl. Says he’d like us to be there to go thru with them. Coincidentally if Vera, Chas, & you & I all compromised on a date n’est-ce pas?

That will make the 2nd of my former boyfriends to take the step. Ellen tells me that Bob D. of Leth. has married a nice young widow (my age) & settled down to being a fine husband.

The kids said a tall blonde fellow (not L.P.) called to see me before I returned from Provo & I’ve been trying to guess whom it was. Maybe Lon & his wife. You needn’t worry if I go to Can. Now. Besides the married ones, ‘Hod’ Jensen is down in Calif, Bill R. has the low down & a snap of us so I’m all sealed up in wax paper for you.

Dwight walked home with me again after mutual. Darn! The evening is superb & the moon bathing the earth with its gorgeous beams.

If I don’t get relief pretty soon I’m going to burst forth and yell to the moon for help one of these nights.

I usually come right home from work then sew, write or print a little. Last Friday I went to the temple. Saw two of Vera’s lady missionary friends who were going there also. Your mother is going with me sometime soon.

Gordon has had the mumps since last Tues 17th & they’ve had a job to keep him ‘down’ & inside.

I pulled a mean one on G. Haslam last Sat. He was helping me in basement load a ‘truck’ [sketch of wheeled box’] of furniture polishes & mops to put in a section upstairs. In reaching onto a high shelf for a bottle, I knocked 3 others off, 2 of which broke on his shoe splattering furniture polish (thick & waxy) on his she & a little on his pants cuff. Was I squelched? He was a perfect gentleman & almost acted as tho I were doing him a favor instead of the opposite. Well I enjoyed putting those 5 sections of oils & mops more than any I’ve heretofore done.

Today I put in 5 sections of toilet tissue (5 different kinds & 4 colors) & it was fun too, because they fill up space so fast. Of course I had to blush just occasionally when some big chap would walk up & ask to buy some. We weren’t to sell it in that counter but were just displaying it.

I haven’t talked with Connie for some time. She hates to settle down. Thinks she needs a little more time to flirt around but she’ll never get any further ahead by that & John is so serious & anxious to get married.

About half of Kresses girls are engaged now & we’re all waiting for that happy vacation. Sometimes I get so bored with my work there I’d like to go out & chop wood for a living. Guess we all want what we haven’t got and one of those things is you.

Last week I had a big ‘toofums’ jerked so I can keep you company now. Except for that grippe I had before Easter I’ve felt top notch all the time tho I’m as thin as this paper. Love or loving seems to be the only ration I can grow fat on so it’s a fruitless guest without you.

T.K. [Torleif Knaphus] was good company on the trip but he surprised me last week by bringing up the hint that he was planning a trip for next year just in case I changed my views. I keep telling him his notions are foolish & far-strung & he shuts up as tho its sinking in – then every few months he pops up with ‘how wonderful I am’ again. Blah!!!!!! I’m sick of it sometimes  I feel like spitting (pardon) and walking thru the wall when that comes up. Whether he knows it or not he’s had a hand in ruining my disposition.

Thurs. night Olive, Grace K. & I went to a show together.

The N.D.A. is moving out of its’ present quarters & into their tannery somewhere sough about W. T. [West Temple]. They have a good prop coming up if it can carry thru.

Went to school for a time last Wed but not much was going on. Moser is in Ida. & a student was in charge.

What did you mean by “hair”? Didn’t know I sent any. Where shall I write from now on? I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your trip & accomplish much also.

Dearest, I don’t want you to feel obligated or unnecessary but just the opposite. If a school doesn’t show up we’ll work out some plan together & the sooner I’m safe in your ownership the happier I’ll be. Till me meet.

Yours for love,


P.S. Yes I know Hazel Cormack. 2 in her family married 1st cousins of mine so we are even related. I went to dances with her in Winslow 1928.

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