Considering that Kindex has been in business less than a year, it is easy sometimes to get impatient with progress—especially when you are developing software. But Kimball and I have never lost sight of our goal: to build software that will enable individuals, families, and groups to rescue their primary sources. This rescue encompasses three steps:

  • Gather
    Gather, organizing, and digitizing primary sources (journals, letters, diaries, photos, audio, video, and heirlooms). Kindex is busy gathering and digitizing for numerous individuals and families.
  • Index
    Transcribe, tag, and review family records. This is where our software comes in. We are working hard to release MyKindex, the free, beta version of Kindex web software. Following that release will be KindexFamily and KindexArchive. These two account types will enable groups to manage transcription and tagging of their digitized records, as well as offer transcription crowdsourcing of their archive records.
  • Share
    With Kindex, sharing family records happens on many levels, including: printing source records and transcriptions, searching archive transcriptions, and using digitized records as sources in research and genealogy.


This summer will be a busy one for us. We are providing scanning and indexing services on-site at family reunions, digitizing several family archives, starting a new phase of software development, and ramping up fundraising efforts with backers and investors.

We appreciate your patience and support as we move forward. They say the first year in business is the hardest, and we can attest that this is true. But we are determined to be successful, as we believe to the core in our vision: to gather what is scattered, reveal what is hidden and find what is lost.