Announcing the release the Kindex Collaborative Upgrade, the best way to bring family and friends together on a single, online archive. Upgrade to Collaborative and transform your archive into a destination where friends or family can help gather, index, and search—or simply enjoy reading family records.

Also released today is the option to create a Public archive when upgrading to a collaborative account. Enjoy the benefits of Crowdsourced Indexing, and jumpstart your indexing by allowing any Kindex user to transcribe and tag your records. Public archives also help others to discover and connect to your archive.


Upgrade Details

Private & Public Archives

When you upgrade to a Collaborative Archive, you choose to make it “Public” or “Private”. Public Archives are a great choice if you want to:

  • connect to others with common interests
  • allow all Kindex users to contribute by Adding, Indexing, and Sharing records within your archive
  • allow your records to be searched by anyone

Private archives are a great choice if you want to:

  • limit access to only yourself and your Collaborators

Note: all archives, whether public or private, may share records on a publicly shareable link. For more information on different user roles within Public and Private archives, see our FAQ.

Crowdsource Indexing

Public collaborative archives are ideal for public crowdsource indexing projects. Simply create a public collaborative archive and share your custom Kindex subdomain.


For a limited time only, collaborative upgrade is available for $15/month or $150/year. Discounted pricing will end on April 15th. Upgrade now to save!

  • Collaborators access your archive at no cost to them
  • Collaborators receive a free, personal archive when they sign up on Kindex.

Upgrade Benefits

Gather what is Scattered

  • No more hoarding! Invite record owners to become Collaborators so they can contribute their records to your archive.
  • Gather scattered records into a single online archive.
  • Rescue history for any family or group by providing an archive where anyone may contribute.

Reveal what is Hidden

  • Share the joy of indexing with others to accelerate the searchability of your archive.
  • Invite others to help index records engages others in family history in an easy, approachable way.
  • Put others face-to-face with their ancestor’s original records.

Find what is Lost

  • Help family members rediscover their ancestors by easily searching records written by the ancestors themselves.
  • Connect  family stories and memories with original handwritten sources
  • Sharing records that are easily readable and searchable.
  • Conduct family history and genealogy researching by searching every word of your records, including key names, dates, and locations.


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