Have you planned your family reunion yet? If you’ve ever attended a reunion, you know how much work goes into publicity, venues, games, t-shirts, and of course, food. In all this planning, it’s easy to lose sight of one key event you should implement at your next reunion: a “Record Rescue”. A Kindex Record Rescue is an all-inclusive way for families to gather, preserve, and share their family records.

It begins with inviting Kindex to your next family gathering to scan your records, and ultimately ends with family records united on a searchable, shareable family archive. The end product is a Kindex family archive where family members can gather, index, and search every word of records once hidden in closets and on shelves.

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Whether your small, grandparent family organization (GFO) or a large ancestral family organization (AFO), ask yourself the following questions :

  • Do you know where all your family records are?
  • Are all your family records scanned?
  • Do you have a long-term plan for protecting and preserving your family’s physical records?
  • Does your family have a way for all its members to access to their records?
  • Are your family records indexed and searchable?
  • Do you know exactly what will happen to your family records when you pass away?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, it’s time for a Record Rescue. Family reunions provide a rare opportunity for families to gather and scan family records, as well as discuss how they can ensure their records will be preserved and accessible. Families can:

  • Unite far-flung records by inviting family members to bring their photos, letters, and journals 
  • Discover and view precious family records for the first time
  • Inventory family records including ownership, record types, and provenance.
  • Learn how to handle, organize, scan, and index their records

Kindex is passionate about family records, and we want to help you rescue the most at-risk, precious source of your family’s history: your own family records. Contact us to learn more and reserve your family reunion date.

Learn how Kindex helped the Sampson Family Organization rescue their family reunions.



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