Kindex Holiday Sale!

Kindex Holiday Sale!

Try Out a Kindex Archive FREE with our Special Holiday Coupon!

Kindex is offering a one-month free coupon for your first month of a Closet (private) or Cloud (public) Kindex archive. Add unlimited records, transcribe your records, collaborate with family, all on a personal, secure archive. Sign up for a Cloud or Closet archive and enter the coupon code gsdzy to receive your first month free.


This Holiday, Save $150 and Jump-Start Your Family Archive with a Kindex Box Special!

This year, give the gift of a family record rescue! Kindex is here to help you rescue your family records by offering an incredible special on an all-inclusive family record rescue! We are offering special “Box Special” pricing through December 31, 2020 to help Utah residents take advantage of this incredible offer. Normally $399, the Box Special is a fantastic gift for any family or family organization.


What is a Box Special?

A Box Special is an all-in-one solution to rescue your family records. We will:

  1. Scan of one full banker’s box of your records
  2. Provide curbside pickup and dropoff of your family records (Weber, Davis, Wasatch, Utah, and Salt Lake Counties)
  3. Process and load all digitized records to your Kindex archive
  4. Provide a flash drive backup of all digitized records
  5. Create a custom “How To” video to help you get started

Offer is available for all current and new Kindex archive owners. Learn more about our archive features. Ready to go? Contact us using the link below to take advantage of this offer. Have more questions? Keep reading.

Box Special FAQ

  1. Who provides the banker’s box? You may use any standard size banker’s box you have. Banker’s boxes can be ordered from office supply stores.
  2. What type of records can Kindex scan? Photos, letters, diaries, documents, and scrapbooks. If there are documents that require special handling, such as fragile or oversize documents, or a large number of bound volumes, an additional fee will apply. If you wish to digitize film, slides, audio, and video, these items can be quoted separately.
  3. What scanning standards does Kindex follow? a. We scan photos at 600 DPI and documents at 300 DPI. Higher or lower res files can be provided upon request (additional fee may apply). b. We can provide both PDF and JPG file formats. PDF files are generally optimized for size and faster loading. Additional formats, such as TIFF, can be provided upon request (additional fee will apply). c. Processing digitized records includes (when applicable): rotation, cropping, standard color correction, combining related scans, and naming each file using an agreed-upon nomenclature. For example, scanned letter pages will be combined into a single PDF file. Custom file correction available upon request.
  4. Can Kindex scan more that one box? We can offer one Box Special per household at the promo price of $299. Additional Box Specials are $599.
  5. When will my Box Special be complete? Turnaround is typically four weeks, but we may require additional time depending on schedule.
  6. What if I need time to gather my records? As long as we start on your Box Special in 2020, you’re good to go!

For questions about the Box Special, or to get started, contact us using the the link below.

Share & Index Publicly
Unlimited records
Unlimited Collaborators
$0/month with Kindex Rewards
Unlimited records
Unlimited collaborators
$5/month with Kindex Rewards

Get a searchable archive fast with a custom scanning & archive bundle!


1-Year Cloud or Closet Archive
+ Scanning

Find What is Lost: Introducing

Find What is Lost: Introducing

A few weeks ago I was browsing in an antique shop when a stack of old photos caught my eye. As I examined these portraits and family poses one by one, I discovered names written on the back:  David A. Page. Teddy O. Keefer. Ester Olson. How did they get lost?


Photo 0020 on is David Alonzo Page with wife Gilheld “Nellie” Qualseth and children Gladys and Elmer, c1900.

As a self-proclaimed hoarder of my own family records, I couldn’t imagine letting go photos like these. And yet it happens every day. Parents pass away, downsize, or move, and family records are lost or thrown away. Records that do remain are often sold in estate sales, eventually finding their way to antique stores or flea markets where they sold as mere commodities.

Kindex wants to change that. While we are doing all we can to rescue records before they are lost, we created the Kindex Lost & Found Archive as a home for records without families to claim them. is a destination where collectors, volunteers, researchers, and family members can work together to rescue our histories by preserving, indexing, and discovering lost family records. There are many ways you can be a rescuer—and you don’t have to own any records to get started.

Rescue by Indexing

Rescue history by transcribing photos, postcards, and other records rich with information. Indexing on creates a new repository of names, dates, and locations that make thousands of records searchable for the first time. All you need to get started is a free Kindex account and a generous heart.

How to index records Kindex Lost & Found Archive.



Postcard 0016 on

Rescue by Collaborating

Become a collaborator on and you can add your own collections of “lost” records to be crowdsource indexed. To become a collaborator, contact us for an invite or go to and click Add a Record.


Rescue by Partnering

If you are an antique collector or dealer you can help rescue history by partnering with Kindex and sharing your records on We have partnered with some great local antique shops, including Longwood Antiques and Cobwebs Antiques & Collectibles, who have agreed to allow Kindex to scan photos, postcards, scrapbooks, and other indexable records. We, in turn, have agreed to host them in a crowdsourced indexing archive where the records can be searched for and found by their names, descriptions, keywords, and other metadata—all at no cost to them. Records are attributed to the store they came from, so when they are found, researchers can contact the store owner to inquire about the records.


Who is the cute & mysterious gas station attendant my mother met on the road to Las Vegas in 1959? We’ll learn soon on

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch—just do have a few guidelines:

  • Records added to this archive must have some sort of indexable text that would identify the record to an individual or group.
  • Collaborators who add records to Kindex archives retain copyright ownership. By adding records to Kindex, you are grant Kindex a license to host and create a derivative (i.e., an index) of your records.
  • Record owners may watermark their images so much as the watermark does not detract from or obscure any part of the record.
  • You must follow all Kindex Terms & Conditions. You have an opportunity to review them when you create a free Kindex account.
  • To index records as a guest, or to add records as an archive collaborator, you must have a Kindex account.

Please contact us with an questions you may have, and happy finding!