Your Kindex Plan Update


Kindex Archive Plan Update for Collaborators

Thank you for being a Collaborator on Kindex! With your help, Kindex archives grow and become more searchable every day. We recently updated our archive plans and will be retiring our Freemium plan on July 31, 2018. To help with this transition, your plan has automatically updated from Freemium to the new, Kindexer plan. 

A Kindexer plan is a user plan where you may work in others’ archives as a Collaborator or Guest, but does not include a personal archive. The biggest change you’ll notice is that you are automatically directed to the archive in which you are collaborating after you log in. If you are collaborating in multiple archives, you may access them by logging in at and clicking the Archives link in the upper right corner of your page. 

To take advantage our new archive plans, you may upgrade to a Cloud (public) or Closet (private) archive at any time by clicking the Archives link and selecting “Get my own archive” from the drop-down list.

To learn more about the new Kindex plans, continue reading below. Please contact us if we can help in any way, and happy Kindexing!



Important: All “Freemium” Kindex users (free, personal archive limited to 50 records with no collaborative tools), must update to a Kindexer, Cloud, or Closet plan before July 31 2018. Because you are a Collaborator with no records in your personal archive, your Freemium plan was automatically updated to a Kindexer plan. To learn how to add an archive to your plan, see Account Migration FAQ.


Kindex Archive Plans


Help index public archives
Collaborate with public & private archive owners


No Archive
Collaborator role only


Share & Index Publicly
Unlimited records
Unlimited Collaborators


$0/month with Kindex Rewards


Unlimited records
Unlimited collaborators


$5/month with Kindex Rewards

Choose Kindexer

  • If you are a Collaborator on another Kindex archive and do not want to be an archive owner.
  • If you want to access other public Kindex archives as a guest and do not want to be an archive owner
  • If you want to deactivate your current archive and reactivate it at a later time
  • If you are not ready to upgrade to a Cloud or Closet archive but want keep your Kindex account active

Choose a Cloud Archive

  • If you want your archive to be accessible to crowdsourced indexers and researchers
  • If you want your archive to be discoverable through search engines
  • If you want a free archive with Kindex Rewards (index 20 or more records a month; first month’s payment required)

Choose a Closet Archive

  • If you want a private archive with invite-only access
  • If you do not want your archive discoverable through search engines
  • If you want to make information in records pertaining to living individuals private

Need more information? Read on for a comprehensive plan comparison.

Kindex Plan Comparison

(release pending)
Archive No Yes Yes Yes
Access other archives  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Free $5/month
(FREE w/ Rewards)
($5/month w/ Rewards)
Archive privacy N/A Public Private Public or Private
Search Engine Accessibility N/A Yes
(transcribed pages only)
No Depends on privacy setting
Custom branding N/A No No Yes
Custom tags N/A No No Yes
Multiple archive owners N/A No No Yes
Collaborators N/A Yes Yes Yes
Collaborator messaging N/A No No Yes
Archive and record size N/A Unlimited records (JPG, PNG, PDF under 15MB) Unlimited records (JPG, PNG, PDF under 25MB)
Spreadsheet data upload N/A No No Yes
Spreadsheet data download N/A Yes
Custom subdomain N/A Yes
Add record metadata N/A Yes
 Batch record metadata N/A Yes
Batch record uploads N/A Yes
Transcribe records N/A Yes
Custom tags N/A Yes
Crowdsourced transcription N/A Yes
Print single record to PDF N/A Yes
Search transcription and metadata N/A Yes
Free support and training Yes Yes
Archive Roles & Permissions
Owner An owner of a Cloud or Closet Archive
Collaborator Any Kindex user invited to collaborate on another Kindex archive
Guest Any Kindex user accessing a public Kindex archive
Collaborate on public private or Kindex Archives Yes
Access public Kindex archives as Guest Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Archive As Guest or Collaborator Anyone Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators
Transcribe Records As Guest or Collaborator Owners, Collaborators, and Guests Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators
Add records As Collaborator Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators
Delete records No Owners Owners Owners
Download single records Yes Owners, Collaborators, and Guests Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators
Download archive records and data in bulk No Owners Owners Owners
Create public archive links to records N/A Owners, Collaborators, and Guests Owners & Collaborators Owners & Collaborators