Kindex Holiday Sale!

Save $150 on a family record rescue. And, get one-month free coupon for your first month of a Closet (private) or Cloud (public) Kindex archive.

Record Rescue Special *Sale Extended!*

Jump-Start Your Family Archive with a Kindex Box Special Kindex is here to help you rescue your family records by offering an incredible deal on an all-inclusive family record rescue! We are extending our "Box Special" RootsTech pricing through June 2020 to help...

Kindex Software Update 26 March 2020

Over the past several months we've rolled out many new and improved features for our Kindex archive owners and Kindexers. Here's a summary of what's new. 1. “Not Indexed”  View Now it's easier for you and your indexers to find records that need to be indexed....

Turning the family tree inside out: using family records in genealogy

Over the past few years we've observed the increasingly prominent role stories have played in helping people engage with family history. During 2016, Steve Rockwood, president and CEO of FamilySearch International, revealed how FamilySearch is changing the way they...




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New Kindex Feature Release Today

New Kindex Feature Release Today

We are excited to announce the release of a major update to Kindex archival software, with several new features that will make creating your searchable family archive faster and easier.  We've maximized space, improved archive organization, and...

Kindex Archive Essential Features

Kindex Archive Essential Features

Many Kindex users have asked us, "What exactly do I get when I sign up for Kindex?" We're glad you asked! Here's a summary of all our key features. Create Your Cloud or Closet Archive Kindex Cloud archive is a publicly accessible archive. Cloud owners may invite...

What’s New on

Updated 03.27.2017 March Software Updates: Upgrade to a Collaborative Archive to transform your archive into a destination where friends or family can help gather, index, and search—or simply enjoy reading family records. Invite unlimited people at no cost to them....

Updating your Kindex Account

New User Accounts We recently updated our user accounts, and no longer require a FamilySearch login. In order to retain your existing Kindex archive records and data, you will be required to update your account with a new password. Go to and click the Log...

Kindex Software: Worth the Wait

Kindex Software: Worth the Wait

We appreciate your patience and support as we move forward. They say the first year in business is the hardest, and we can attest that this is true. But we are determined to be successful, as we believe to the core in our vision: to gather what is scattered, reveal what is hidden and find what is lost.

Kindex Software Sneak Peek

Kindex Software Sneak Peek

Our team is working hard on our upcoming release of KindexBeta in mid-February. Many of you are just as excited as we are about this ground-breaking software that will change the way families archive their own documents like letters, journals, diaries, and other...

Kindex Software

We are excited to debut our indexing software at RootsTech 2016. Kindex is web software that will available for subscription purchase on a monthly or yearly basis. Stay tuned for details on subscription pricing and other Kindex services. Through the Kindex™ web app,...

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